Chat about Nuxt 3 with the Prismic DevEx team!

Hey All!

This Monday, October 18th, at 1pm EDT, we'll be joined by Lucie of Prismic's Developer Experience team and Tim from Uniform's to chat about:

1: Everything Nuxt 3! Exciting new updates and features you can now start to take advantage of:

  • Composition API;
  • Using Vite as your bundler; and
  • The new server engine for Nuxt, Nitro!

2: Some updates on Prismic's Vue.js & Nuxt module from their maintainer, Lucie

3: Common questions and answers when pairing Prismic with Nuxt

Location: The Prismic Twitch Channel


*RSVP ahead of time and we'll send you an UberEats voucher for some quick bites to enjoy during the chat

Hope to see you there!
Erik & The DevEx team

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