NUXT X Primic Meetup! (Remote)

Building with NUXT x Prismic? We've got some updates to share!

Join us for a demo and discussion around what's new from the Nuxt and Prismic ecosystem this Wednesday, December 8th. We'll be joined by Lucie and Alex of Prismic's DevEx team to chat about all sorts of updates, but in particular we can't wait to dive into the future of NuxtLink and to share some insider sneak peeks!

Event Details:Name: Prismic x Nuxt.JS

Date: Wednesday, December 8th

Time: 11am -12pm EDT

Location: The Prismic Twitch Channel

RSVP Here*:

*RSVP ahead of time and we'll send you an UberEats voucher for some quick bites to enjoy during the chat

Can't wait to see you there!
Erik - DevEx Community Lead