Release Week Community Meetup!

:rotating_light: RELEASE WEEK IS HERE! :rotating_light:

​Hey Prismic Devs!

​Welcome to Prismic's Release Week!

​On Thursday June 30th, we'll be gathering to showcase all our updates on what we’ve been building this year, including new tools, improved resources, and better ways to connect with us and the community! RSVP here to attend, and we'll walk you through everything we've built.


Some of the things we'll be sharing include:

​⚙️ New Developer Tools and Improved Developer Experience

  • ​New Typescript Tooling to automatically generate types
  • ​Improved Next.js Images
  • ​Faster Coding with Snippets

​📚 Updated Documentation, Education, and Resources

  • ​The New Prismic Help Center
  • ​Our Crash Course for getting started with Prismic + Next.js
  • ​The Prismic Glossary
  • ​Explainer Videos in the Docs

​🧩 Improved Ways to Connect with Us and Developers in the Community

  • ​A Reimagined Forum Experience
  • ​Bi-Weekly Community Office Hours

​📈 New Ways to Grow Your Prismic Agency

  • ​Coming Wednesday!

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, June 30th

Time: 12pm NYC / 6pm Paris


​Hope to see you there!