Release Week: Developer Experience Improvements

:rotating_light: Release Week: Developer Experience Improvements :rotating_light:

As part of Prismic's first Release Week, we're excited to announce some new developer tools to help you write code faster, create fewer bugs, and ship performant sites.

In particular, we're sharing:

:gear: Big improvements for TypeScript,

:camera_flash: More powerful and performant images in Next.js, &

:jigsaw: Snippets to speed up your workflow!

Read about all of these improvements on our blog, and join us Thursday, for a live demo of everything over on our YouTube channel. (RSVP below)

Event Details:

Release Week Meetup!

Date: Thursday, June 30th

Time: 12pm NYC / 6pm Paris

RSVP Here: Prismic Release Week Meetup!

See you soon!