Gatsby Updates Chat with Prismic DevEx team!

This Friday, November 5th, we'll be joined by Angelo and Alex of Prismic's Developer Experience team to chat about:

​1. ​Gatsby Updates!

  • ​Gatsby 4 released
  • ​Gatsby + Prismic v5 changes

​2. Upcoming changes to Prismic

  • ​Reducing preview bundle size
  • ​Live reloading during previews without full refreshes
  • ​Slice Machine support

​3. Beta React library demo

​​ Event Details:

Name : Prismic x Gatsby

Date : Friday, November 5th

Time : 3-4pm EDT

Location: The Prismic Twitch Channel


*RSVP ahead of time and we'll send you an UberEats voucher for some quick bites to enjoy during the chat

Hope to see you there!
Erik & The DevEx team