Updates and Introductions: September 2022

Hey Prismic People!

It’s September and once again time to welcome new folks and catch up with current members of the community. We’ll be running these threads monthly for us all to gather, share, and connecting with others!

Got something to share? Well, if you’re working on something, just shipped something new, or brand new to the community and want to say hi, drop a comment below with the following:

:wrench: What you are building in Prismic

:world_map: A little bit about yourself and where you are in the world!

:heart: What's your favorite or most used Prismic Feature?




I'll go first!

:wrench: I am building the community here at Prismic! This includes transforming the community experience here on the Forum and running our newest community member program, the Developer Spotlight. You can see our first Spotlight in this thread here.

:world_map: I am here in NYC building community for Prismic. Before this I worked with a few other tech companies and before that I worked as an attorney! I still do some pro-bono work from time to time and love helping entrepreneurs get their start.

:heart: What's your favorite or most used Prismic Feature? I am going to cheat and say the community! I've met so many of you over the last year and with every interaction I am absolutely blown away by the skill and hustle each and every one of you exhibit.

Have any other questions? Reach out! In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from all of you!


I might be next. Hey, am I?

I'm kb and I develop websites for my micro company K16E, Inc. I build with Nuxt exclusively with everything CSS coming from the beautiful Tailwind.

I hit on the "jamstack" way of building websites in year 2018, with Jekyll being my first love. I still have a couple client projects in that. I eventually fell in love with Vuejs and Nuxt was just the natural evolution. I did have a stint with Gridsome, but it ended all too quickly.

If you've noticed, all along, I haven't quite mentioned how I get content into the websites I build - CMS. To be honest this has been a pain, no solution has really worked for me. This may be why I'm here on Prismic, and I'm hoping it should do it for me as far modeling my content and "slicing" it into my design is concerned. I've used a lot of the "headless" CMS's and I'm really wanna stick with one that works at least 90% of the way, for most things I do with content.

First impression with Prismic, welcome Slice Machine :smile: I like it...but there's a few areas I'd love some improvements, and also currently stuck on a use-case that is critical to how I consume content - relationships to other content/routes.

I would also love Prismic to do a lot better with its docs, I might have a suggestion or two on how to improve the language and presentation along with examples, even some of them drawn from a forum like this one, so users don't study all the docs and still can't do much with the software.

In my estimation, a CMS is really a system for developers, not website owners, perhaps not even designers. These later ones only need to be able to edit content, create new pages based on pre-built comps/layouts, and that type thing. So, I'd really love more recipes for different ways developers can get the best use out of Prismic.

This is supposed to be only an intro...I'm typing too much :smile:

~ kb


Hey everyone,

:wrench: Currently building a customers first business website they have ever had, a nice one as it's a company that restarted an old part of their family business from about 1860. And I'm using Prismic, SliceMachine and 11ty for that extra "snappy-ness". Other than that I'm usually building several projects from Jamstack to full-stack MVC apps with Laravel :slight_smile:

:earth_africa: My home is South Africa, been so since I opened my eyes, not much else really except for coming up on 10 years of working in tech. I have been using Prismic for a while now as a go-to for public facing sites that I manage.

:tada: Favourite feature of Prismic? Slice Variations were and are a sweet addition, they give that extra little bit of customizability but keep the result inline with the design. That being said, the so far the Prismic slices do make moving a drawn design to the code, it keeps the mental model of working on a single thing at a time.

I guess that's about it.


:wrench: What you are building in Prismic
I'm building a new development department within a marketing agency doing websites of various scales.
Initially, built our first few sites in GatsbyJS & Wordpress. But my self-respectable loathing of Wordpress forced us to look into alternatives. Creating a new serverless stack on top of Remix Run (supporting this officially within Slicemachine would be nice), Cloudflare Pages and Prismic.

:world_map: A little bit about yourself and where you are in the world!
Auckland, New Zealand. Been in the [web development] space for around 16 years.

:heart: What's your favorite or most used Prismic Feature?
Slice Machine. Need support with the new hotness that is Remix, but I've hacked this up myself until then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello everyone, hope you're all well!

I'm David, a freelance Jamstack developer.

:wrench: What you are building in Prismic?

I've got long term relationships with some great clients who I work with on a regular basis. My work ranges, from brand new greenfield builds, to working on brownfield projects that require new features and bug fixes.

Most of my work is in the React space, I love both Gatsby and NextJS. I'm no stranger to Vue though, I've worked on a number of brownfield Nuxt projects.

You can find out a little more about my portfolio at davidfox.io.

:world_map: A little bit about yourself and where you are in the world!

I live in Sunderland, a small city in the North East of England (that you've probably never heard of!). I've got two degrees, an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Aberdeen, and a postgraduate degree in Computing from the University of Sunderland. The later is what got me really interested in the web development space.

:heart: What's your favorite or most used Prismic Feature?

This will probably be a VERY popular answer, but I love Slice Machine. I'd worked with other headless CMS solutions before Prismic, but once I got to try Slice Machine, I realised how much of a game changer it was. I've not started any brand new projects with a CMS other than Prismic since.


Hi :wave:,

Nope, just another random David doing front-end as well :rofl:

I’m a french freelance engineer working remotely. My mission to make people’s lives easier is driven by a disciplined and measured approach to automation, minimalist design, and mentoring.

:wrench: What you are building in Prismic?

On my Next.js website, I share case studies on mobile design and articles about React Native

With another stack around Gatsby I maintain a website for my wife's podcast

Next, I will try to use Prismic with React Native to see how it goes —because I do some live twitch

:world_map: About myself

I like to travel to tech conferences and draw sketch notes to learn new things.

:heart: Favorite feature

Hard to decide, but I would say it first looking simplicity. There are many headless CMS solutions out there. You will need to spend weeks learning how the platform works. That was not my experience with prismic


Hey Everyone,

I'm Coner, a full-stack TS developer.

:wrench: What you are building in Prismic?

Currently, not as much as I'd like to be. I've had a few freelance clients in the past which I used Prismic with. This is something I'm actively looking to get back into so hopefully will be building more with Prismic in the coming weeks and months. :crossed_fingers:

:world_map: A little bit about yourself and where you are in the world!

As mentioned above, I'm a full-stack TS developer from the UK, more specifically a city in the East of England called Norwich. I also do some freelance technical writing on the side, ironically for Prismic mainly. :smile:

If you're interested in seeing more of what I do, my portfolio is conermurphy.com

:heart: What's your favorite or most used Prismic Feature?

As others have mentioned (I think it might be the most popular answer) but it has to be Slice Machines. They really change the game and help Prismic stand out in the headless CMS space.


Hey people! I'm Alexander from the Netherlands, 41 at the time of writing. Currently Design Director at The Next Web, but will leave that position on November 1st to go freelance.

Although I'm a designer by education, I got into front-end the second the internet became a household thing back here (mid/late 90s). I found the web an extremely fascinating medium and wanted to learn how to publish on it and ultimately build interactive things. In 1999/2000 I dipped my toes in PHP and built a forum from scratch which, seeing it come to life and facilitate real-world friendships, was truly a transformative experience.

Fast-forward to 2022 I still write ES6 code about every other day, but I've been cautious with jumping on framework/library hypes. Perhaps also because I've seen plenty of next-big-things come and go :slight_smile: Whenever possible, I keep my projects vanilla ES6/SASS.

That said, NextJS and headless platforms really seem to be the way forward, and with Prismic's support for NextJS, I found myself getting curious and am considering something other than Craft CMS for the first time in 5 years :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting more NextJS/Prismic devs, especially those from the Netherlands :netherlands:

Prismic team, keep up the great work! :heart:

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Hi Everyone! how are you guys doing? hope all fine. I'm Vicky currently working as a Creative Director and also learning development where i focus on Nuxt js framework which is attracted me. Its been 3 years since i have started learning developing websites. Previously i was on WordPress where i found quite boring then moved to nuxt and Prismic as its CMS to seek new challenge in developing, its interesting to learn new things. I found Prismic lot more cheaper and easy to manage the content.


Hi folks,

I'm Ben a web developer from the UK.

:wrench: What you are building in Prismic

I've been using prismic since about 2015 in various ways. I've primarily used prismic with .NET and .NET core. I maintain a community package for the .NET core prismic kit. I've more recently been developing on Jamstack, and have been investigating integrating prismic with Remix.

:heart: What's your most used Prismic Feature?

I use releases and previews heavily. I encourage everyone I talk to about prismic to do the same, it's the best way to group and preview large changes.