Updates and Introductions: October 2022

Hey Prismic People!

It’s October and once again time to welcome new folks and catch up with current members of the community. We’ll be running these threads monthly for us all to gather, share, and connecting with others!

Got something to share? Whether you’re working on something new, just shipped something, or you arebrand new to the community and want to say hi, drop a comment below with the following:

:wrench: What you are building in Prismic

:world_map: A little bit about yourself and where you are in the world!

:heart: What's your favorite or most used Prismic Feature?




Hey people,

I'm Joe a web dev from the UK who just so happens to have 2 pet emus :laughing::uk:

Pretty new to the prismic space, but I'm loving the slice zones :hocho:

Stay frosty! :cold_face:


Thanks to @erik.israni for inviting me to introduce myself to the Prismic community.

I am a hobbyist. I usually work with Prismic for personal projects or to help some friends and family with small personal projects. I enjoy Prismic as it is the only way I've seen to give non-tech users the ability to update their site with "rich" content (components). Love it!

Hope this will continue to be a great place to get help.