Anyone have a complex/sophisticated real world site you've created where your code is also available?

Although the example apps I've seen provided so far by prismic have helped me get started, there are just so many small decisions that Im taking days working out rather than minutes, just because Im not sure the pattern that works.

Anyone have any more full webpages or complex sites you've created where your code is openly available to look over?

Would love to see what's there.

Specifically Im interested in sites built with Prismic & Nuxt. But for the purposes of the thread just share and say what tech you have used also.



It's interesting to see your input on the samples that are currently available. The goal of these samples is to guide everyone into learning how to use the technology that they love along with Prismic by creating a simple real life example that you can see up and running in minutes!

Here's a list of websites running on Prismic. A few of them are open source, like Mark's Perez Portfolio - by Mark Perez, open sourced the code here (built with Nuxt, Prismic, Netlify)

And also, Tim Benniks website!

What other Prismic example projects would you be interested in seeing in the future? Share your ideas with us in this same thread and we'll definitely have them in mind when building new example projects to share with the community!

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