Is prismicio/nuxtjs-blog the recommended boiler for a prismic nuxt website / blog?

Is this github repo the recommended boiler plate for creating a Nuxt app with Prismic as the CMS? If I want to make a website / blog on Nuxt and Prismic, is the above repo the suggested one to base my project off of?

I found the nuxtjs-blog repo in this very helpful tutorial.

I know these docs exist. However, I just want to either create a new prismic project or connect a prismic project with an existint nuxt app. I don't want to integrate Storybook and any other bells and whistles -- unless I absolutely must. Eventually I am of course open to diving into Storybook.

Hi Rob,

Welcome to the community!

If you're looking to run a NuxtJS blog without Storybook/Slice Machine/Slice Builder, then the blog you found is the best one.

We are working to make some documentation for those who don't wish to start with the above options. This documentation will include information such as:

All the links above should still be relevant when working with the blog example you linked.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of this.



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