Refactor Prismic Project from Vue To Nuxt Or Gridsome? Need Opinions Urgently

Hello Community, So I built a website with Prismic as the CMS using just Vuejs. Although the documentation recommends that I don't use only vue though, I ignored and went ahead to use only vue cause I can't use Nuxt as at then. But Vue SPA for this app, tot good at all.
I needed to use a static site generator, for better SEO and many more of the features that they provide.

And the ones that comes to mind to use are Nuxt and Gridsome.
There is Prismic documentation for Nuxt and many tutorials on it already, so no Problem if I choose to go with that. But reading articles on Nuxt vs Gridsome, they mostly recommend you use Gridsome for your next app that will need to get data from a CMS, after all it's a gatsby clone for Vuejs sort of.

But now the problem is no official documentation on Prismic and Gridsome, no consice articles on how to get started well, there is a video on youtube by Tim Beninks, but it will not be really helpful.

I need help here making this decision, to admit am a a bit scared about going with gridsome, I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to use prismic with gridsome. So I want to know, can I go with Nuxt and be just as fine or are there some things that I will miss?
Can you recommend where to start with if I want to use Prismis with gridsome? I would really appreciate your replies.



Thanks for reaching out to us.

We officially don't support Prismic with Gridsome. I'll recommend starting with nuxt.


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But you support graphql which gridsome uses don't you?
So there are chances that I can get it to work with help from gridsome plugins too.
But if I get it to work will you recommend it over Nuxt?


Gridsome does not have access to Prismic features such as content Previews and Slice Machine (Variations, UI testing, versioning), whereas Nuxt does.

So I would heavily recommend Nuxt over Gridsome.

You can check out our docs for this here:


Have started using nuxt already though but I wanted to know what I will miss if I use gridsome. thanks for the clarification

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