👀 Websites running on Prismic - From the Community

IVALO - E-commerce

DEXLAB - Marketing website of a crypto-currency company. Using Prismic + Gatsby.js

Ivskaya - Portfolio of photographer, for the front end, they used Nuxt.js and Tweenmax for some animations.

Herman Miller - High-end furniture store

Lickd -Digital platform for labels to license in their musics to YouTube creators

Uniplan - Agency Website Animation Background Photos Background Videos Minimalist Bright Responsive CMS: Prismic. FRAMEWORK: HammerJS Lodash Vue.js. SERVICE: Google Analytics

CarineRoitfeld - Headless Shopify store we made with @prismicio @gatsbyjs and @Shopify.

Karimoku - Prismic and Gatsby.js

Calgary folk festival - Prismic and Gatsby

Input Cowork - Gatsby site with some data being loading via Prismic

Yousign - Prismic and Nuxt.js

Frankly Steve - Prismic x Gatsby

Garitma - Prismic + Next.js + Image optimization

Moth.studio - Prismic + Nuxt.js + Zeit Now

Bueno and Ueno.store - by Ueno

Cinch - by Somo using Gatsby and Prismic

Instrument - by Instrument (Prismic + Nuxt)

Be Romantic - by Charis Theodoulou @charisTheo_dev (Prismic + Gatsby)

Futrli - by Joe Johnston (Prismic + Gatsby + Netlify)

Atelier o-s architectes - by Bounews (Prismic + Gatsby + Netlify)

OFF Vienna - by Lucas Martin (Prismic + Next)

Mindnode - by Lucas Martin (Prismic + Next)

Oodle - by Oodle (with Vue + Prismic)

The Women’s and Girls’ Emergency Center - by Little & Big (built with Gatsby, Prismic, Netlify)

Statement Agency - by Umar Gora (built with Gatsby & Prismic)- over 300 blog posts migrated from a custom CMS

Mark Perez Portfolio - by Mark Perez, open sourced the code here (built with Nuxt, Prismic, Netlify)

Plenaire - by Zero Studio ( built with Prismic, Shopify, Highway and GreenSock) —> More info for tweet here

Roboto - by Roboto (built with Prismic, Gatsby, and Netlify) - good example of styled components. Uses image optimization feature and has a heavy focus on SEO

Stack Global - by Roboto (built with Prismic, Gatsby, and Netlify) - work in progress

TapSimple - Built with Prismic, Gatsby, Netlify

Rivalry.gg - Esports Sportsbook, multiple languages, prismic.io driven content integration, built with Nuxt.js

Bulb - by Upian (made with Prismic and Nuxt.js)

WOLFF OLINS - By Wolff Olins (made with Prismic and Nuxt.js)

Ellen (Spotify landing page) - still not official (should check with @Simon Kushnirenko to see if we can talk about it) made with Prismic + Next + fire webhooks from Prismic to update Memcached Cloud

Bruno - made with Netlify, Gatsby, Prismic

Dutch Label shop - by Elgentos (built with Prismic, Magento, React) in 6 languages, 19 locales

Swiss Startup Tech - built with Prismic, Gatsby, Netlify

David Sewell personal website - made by Rob Simpson (built with Gatsby, Prismic, Netlify) in two languages

fxagency - by Jeffrey (made with Next.js, moved away from WP)

source - by Rémi Bonnet (made with Gatsby, Netlify and Prismic)

Wellcome Collection - by Tom Scott (made with Prismic + Next.js)

Checkout - made with Prismic + React + Next.js

Jellypepper - “A big part of the Jellypepper website redesign and rebuild was the ability to create case studies that really stand out. By combining custom components in Prismic (slices) with our performant Gatsby stack, we’re able to spin up new, beautiful and custom-branded case studies faster than ever before.”

Done - made with Prismic + Next.js (by Sleed)

Moodagent - made with Gatsby and Prismic

COR (Civic Online Reasoning) Standford University - Made with Prismic, Gatsby, Netlify

UXPin documentation page - made with Prismic + Gatsby

The Back to Work Report - blog made with Prismic + Gatsby + Netlify

Io Annotator (blog) - made with Prismic, Next.js

David William Baum personal website - made with Prismic, Plato.js, and Netlify

Akaru - made with Prismic, Nuxt.js, three.js for the WebGL part

Clayton & Co - made by Pierre Nel with Prismic + Gatsby powered site for a luxury interior design company in England

Theodora Warre - made by Pierre Nel with Shopify + Prismic + Gatsby site for a jewellery designer in the UK

Cambio Ahora - made by José Puma, built with Nuxt + Prismic

Kua Coffee - made by Little&Big, built with Gatsby, Prismic, Shopify, and Netlify

Valuemystuff - made by Barneby’s, built with Next.js, Prismic and MangoDB

Brad Douglas portfolio - made by Brad Douglas, built with Prismic, Gatsby, Netlify

Frankly My Dear - Made by Michael Vestergaard, a music website using Prismic and PHP to handle all content.

Keepit - Made by Michael Vestergaard, SaaS website using Prismic and a webhook to build a static and ultra fast website. Deployed to Cloudfront and S3

Take 5 oil change - Made by Detroit Labs, with Next.js, and Prismic.io

Agricool - built with Next.js, hosted on Zeit Now and Prismic

Davide Baratta portfolio - Hosted on Netlify, using Svelte.js’s static site generator (Sapper)

Audio Vault - Built by Kyle Gill , with Gatsby, for the frontend, data aggregation, and SEO, Prismic as a headless CMS, Spotify for song previews, Fauna for serverless data, to track claps for each post

Uitgeverij Pluim (mean “Publishing plum” in Netherlands, built by elgentos with Prismic, Gatsby, Magento

Great State - Agency website, built by Gavin (@trickydisco78), with Prismic + Gatsby

Belon - made by Jahl Herapath with Prismic, Netlify, Gatsby (Next ones from the same developer coming soon: https://matthew-moran.com/, https://sssssuper.com/, https://auslocale.com/, https://belon.co/, https://mdevelopment.co/)

FRI:DAY - made by Maker’s Den. Made with Gatsby and Prismic. Short case study

Tyler Branch Photo - Prismic and Gatsby made by Scott Branch

Special Offer Studio - by David Freaney made with Prismic, Nuxt.js

See Make Play - by Little & Big made with built with Prismic, Gatsby and Netlify

Klickrent - by Ali Barin, made with Prismic and Next.js

Liemers - by Niice, made with Prismic, Nuxt, and Netlify

RobinGolf - by Josh Kirk (@joshgkirk), made with Headless Shopify, Prismic, Vanilla JS

Mille et un Fund - by MamboMambo @allomambo, made with Vue, Prismic CMS, GSAP & SVG

Madeleinedalla - by Marvin Schwaibold, art director; Yaël Bienenstock, motion designer; and Jesper Vos, developer. Made with Nuxt, Prismic and Netlify (more info here)

LamaLama - by Mark de Vries, made with Nuxt and Prismic

Peaknfilm - by Corentin Magnetti, designer; and Jordan Thiervoz, developer., made with Nuxt, Prismic and Greensock’s GSAP the page transitions and some of the animations (more info here)

Vitesy - made by Andrea Vigani (JAMstack MULTILINGUAL ECOMMERCE DEVELOPMENT, Built with Vue.js, Nuxt.js as static site generator, Prismic.io as headless CMS, Shopify as eCommerce platform through APIs integration, Netlify for hosting and continuous deployment, Mailchimp as email marketing platform connected via Zapier automation, Google Maps APIs integration for addresses autocomplete and connected IoT products world heatmap)

Studio Mærtens - by Maximilian Mærtens, founder and industrial designer, Studio Mærtens; Bruno Arizio, designer; Luis Henrique Bizarro, creative developer; and Fernando Berlanda, designer. The site was developed entirely in JavaScript. We decided to use Node.js with Express for the back end of the application and integrate it with Prismic to manage the content. On the front end, we used our own framework that manages components, routes and views. It replicates a single-page application implementation but uses ECMAScript 2015+ features—like classes, promises and modules—allied with Fetch API to implement literally any kind of animation we might need between pages. More info here: https://www.commarts.com/webpicks/studio-m-rtens

The View - Made by Mawla (agency) with Gatsby, Prismic, Netlify

eeyo bikes - Made by Khriztian Moreno with Prismic, Netlify, Gatsby (“all the development we did in mattersupply, we have #cypressjs, #percy, #cloudinary for image transformations and we use gatsby-source-prismic-graphql which is the most complete plugin”)

NatNorth - made by Leopold Kristjansson (https://twitter.com/leopoldk) with Prismic + Nuxt

PayAnalytics - made by Leopold Kristjansson (https://twitter.com/leopoldk) with Prismic + Nuxt


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