Updates and Introductions: November 2022

Hey Prismic People!

It’s November and once again time to welcome new folks and catch up with current members of the community. We’ll be running these threads monthly for us all to gather, share, and connecting with others!

Got something to share? Well, if you’re working on something, just shipped something new, or brand new to the community and want to say hi, drop a comment below with the following:

:wrench: What you are building in Prismic?

:world_map: A little bit about yourself and where you are in the world!

:gear: What's your technology of choice? (Next, Nuxt, Gatsby, Remix, etc)



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Howdy howdy, mid November now but updates are nice.

About to ship our first site using Prismic. Pretty excited to see how it scales once we have a few more sites using it.

I'm the dev lead for a marketing agency in Auckland, New Zealand.

Technology stack is Prismic on Remix Run deploying through Cloudflare Workers (Cloudflare pages was my initial choice, but it carries some weird build errors along with it at the moment).
Cloudflare's new Turnstile is pretty nice too.

Mildly unfortunate note, but my wife and I caught the `vid. Allowed out our house again on Monday. :tada: