Uploaded Pictures Generate a 502 Error When Called

Recently I am having serious issues with pictures I upload to Prismic, as they randomly fail to load.
In the Prismic UI when I try to insert an uploaded picture to an article, the preview is blank, and when I try to open the picture I get a 502 error (see screenshots attached).
Not sure why that is happening but it's a big problem for usability and reliability.

OMG! I came here to find out what is going on with my images do not load.

All my images on my website have been working fine until now, some load but some do not load 502 Error. I checked on my dashboard and all went blank same as yours.

I hope Prismic resolves this issue soon.

Exactly it's a disaster for a content distribution platform.. Nothing loads and the pictures on my website also fail to load from the Prismic CDN..

I am glad that not just me.

This is just one section of my website but there are more sections that images failed to load.

it looks like they're back now, but it's really not reassuring to see all the pictures randomly disappear like that..

Agree! Something has to think about.

Hi Team,

It seems our image provider was experiencing some issues last night:

They we're effected, as was most of the internet, by the Fastly CDN issues the other day:


The Fastly issue doesn't sound like a plausible explanation, as that was not the first time it happened on my Prismic account. Maybe time to change provider if they can't deliver a stable CDN for pictures ?

I was just bringing up the fact that the previous day's (8th) issues were caused by the Fastly issue. The issues you experienced on the 9th from 18:58 - 21:09 were unrelated I imagine.

Issues within Imgix are rare, although they had a rough couple of days and if you compare their status page with their biggest competitor it's quite similar in terms of incidents.
https://status.imgix.com/ vs https://status.cloudinary.com/

I will voice your concerns with the team and try to get their opinion on the matter, although we don't have any plans to change image provider.

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