Error 503 No healthy backends

As of today whenever I upload a new image to the prismic media library. When visiting the hosted URL for this image I get a

Error 503 No healthy backends

Images that were uploaded before today still work fine. I do not get any errors when uploading the images.

Example URL:

Hi there,

Welcome to the Prismic community.

In order to troubleshoot this issue, I need some more information
Can you please provide us with the name of the repository name (in a private message if you feel it is more secure)?

Also, can you provide a screen recording of the error you get? and if you are a developer can you provide the error you get in the chrome console.

Looking forward to your reply.

repository: ymage-www

Images seem to be loading again now.

Thanks for letting us know, such an issue can come from the Imgix image processing service that Prismic uses.

Please don't hesitate to reach to us if the problem happens again
You can also check Imgix API status using this link


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