How we can identify there is an outage for images in prismic which we are fetching for our project/website?

On 8th June 2021, We are getting 503 error for all prismic images

We have a plan for a case when prismic API is down. But, on 8th June prismic API is working fine but images are not getting loaded. So we wanted to know how we can handle that situation on our side.

Is prismic provide any solution/way to identify such situation as other contents from prismic working fine only we have problem with images at that time?

Hey @mangesh1,

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Images in Prismic are delivered by Imgix. You can check the Imgix status here:

I hope that answers your question, but let me know if not.


Hi @mangesh1,

One more update: the Imgix outage was related to the June 8th Fastly outage, which affected large parts of the internet.


Yes, we can check imgix status by visiting the link you have mentioned.

But we wanted to know. Is there any other way provided by prismic to identify there is an outage for images?

We are giving request to prismic API, can we provide any attribute in response of prismic API if the images are not getting loaded due to any reason. o we will handle that situation in our code without checking imgix status page.

If not, then is there any other way to handle such a situation avoiding other request for any other API(Imgix).

We have already handled a situation if prismic API failed to respond. But in the case of images-related outage prismic API working fine but issue is only with images. So, we are not able to handle that situation currently.

We want a solution As soon as possible.

If anything is not clear then we want to connect on the call with any technician from Prismic community.

Hi Mangesh,

The issues one the 8th of June were caused by the Fastly issue. There was some knock on the 9th from 18:58 - 21:09 as all their image requests had become backed up causing strains on their API.

Issues within Imgix are rare, although they had a rough couple of days and if you compare their status page with their biggest competitor it's quite similar in terms of incidents. vs

There's no way to currently programmatically identify an issue other than the error messages returned from the Imgix API itself. I'm not sure what safeguards could be implemented in this case even if there was. I will voice your concerns with the team though.



Any updates on this.

We need a solution ASAP.


Hi Nikita,

I have replied above.

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