Webhook triggers twice each time


I am using FaaS to forward Prismic Webhook to GitHub actions but Prismic is triggering it twice each time.
In the documentation, it is said that it will attempt to trigger every 10 minutes but in fact the two attempts are done simultaneously. ( Webhooks - Prismic ). Could you help me with this ?

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Hi @sabrina.gomes,

Thanks for posting. I'm happy to try to help you with this.

By any chance, is your webhook triggering when a release is published? If so, that should (be design) trigger twice,

  1. once for the publication of the release,
  2. and a second time for the deletion of the release.

The same is true if you schedule a document for publication. You will get

  1. one trigger for creating a release,
  2. and a second for adding a document to the release.

Let me know if that helps. You can try editing your webhook triggers in Settings.

If that doesn't solve the issue, could you send me a screenshot of your webhook logs, a screenshot of your webhook settings, and your repo name? (You can send it all in a DM if you want.)


Thanks for the DM, @sabrina.gomes! I'm looking into it now.

Hi Sabrina,

I checked with the dev team, and it looks like the webhook system might not be respecting the ten-minute retry interval, so it's possible that the webhook is failing on the first attempt, and then immediately making a second attempt.

Based on the behavior you're seeing, is it possible that the first attempt is failing?


PS: I'll be off next week, but I'll make sure that one of my colleagues takes over this thread.

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