What are "Page types" in Slice Machine?

Can somebody help me understand the purpose of the new "Page types"? Is it just for easier onboarding for new developers?

It looks like a normal custom type, but with the uid and SEO tab included by default.

The introduction of "Page Types" in Slice Machine serves a specific purpose. While Custom Types have been the primary way to define content structures, Page Types offer a more streamlined approach for creating specific page layouts with predefined metadata.

They are designed to simplify creating pages with consistent metadata, such as UID and SEO settings. This can be particularly useful for improving SEO optimization and ensuring a standardized structure across your website.

I recommend subscribing to our YouTube channel to gain a deeper understanding of Page Types and other upcoming features. Tomorrow, June 28th, during the product meetup, we will discuss these updates in more detail.

when will we see documentation on page types and when will they be released?

Hey @consumerproduct,

I'm in charge of the docs at Prismic, and I'd love to know more about your question. What kind of documentation are you looking for? What questions would you like to have answered?