What to store in GitHub

I'm new to Prismic and would like some clarification on what to store in my GitHub repo.

It seems I will have a Prismic repo and a GitHub repo,

Obviously the front-end will need to be deployed to a hosting solution and a web hook will be needed to rebuild the site.

I'm wondering how the two repos work together.
Do I need to push to Prismic through the cli or slice machine and push to GitHub as well?
Do I need to store everything in GitHub or only the front-end?
When pushing to the Prismic repo does all code get stored there or is it just the back-end?


Hi @andrew.eatherington,

Welcome to the Prismic community.

Well, Slice Machine allows you to version your custom types and store them in Github as they reside on the same project (frontend project).

So using Slice Machine, you create your custom types the same way you do in Prismic UI, test with mock data using Slice-Canvas/previously StoryBook, and Push your custom types to Prismic and your code (including their custom types) to Github.

Note: You can only push the custom types to Prismic,
Please let us know if you need any further assistance/clarification,