Continuous Integration of Slices


I am currently using GitHub as VCS provider, and I would like to know if anyone has ever tried to automate the process of pushing slice changes to the repository as part of the site continuous integration setup. What I would like to ideally achieve:

  • Execute this over the main branch only
  • On push to the main branch automatically push slice changes based on the slice configuration of the main branch
  • Either with GitHub actions or through any other means

Has anyone achieved this?


Hi David,

In theory this should be possible with the Types API:

However, we strongly recommend following the Slice Machine development flow. Slice Machine helps you safely version and manage your types to avoid causing any problems in your repository. An automated flow like this could result in broken models in your repository. If that happened, our team might not be able to help you troubleshoot, since this isn't a supported implementation. That being the case, I'd really encourage you to use Slice Machine to manage your models.


Slice Machine can get very messy when there are more than one person working on the same repository at the same time, specially because it allows to push things live without checking out first, hence the question.

Hey David,

Yes, the team has talked to user-developers who have had the same issue. They're currently developing a new workflow to help avoid conflicts like you're describing.


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