Push changes in depth

Can I see what exactly differs between my local and prismic remote changes?

I'll describe my situation: I'm working on some CustomType, make a PR, waiting for the review, testing etc. In the same time my teammate makes changes to the same CustomType and overwrites my changes (as he don't see, that his changes overwrite mine - he only see, that this CustomType is modified). It would be great to highlight / mark new, editing and deleting changes like it is implemented in Git, for example.

Hello @dbratchikov.

It is crucial to have good communication and coordination within your team. You should ensure that all team members are aware of ongoing changes and avoid overlapping modifications to the same Custom Type or Slice. It's true that when changes are pushed to Slice Machine they will override the existing ones without any specific conflict warnings or visual indicators. You can minimize the chances of unintentionally overwriting each other's changes by actively communicating and coordinating your work.

Git allows you to track and manage changes more effectively, providing a clearer view of the modifications made by different team members. It is considered best practice to treat Slice Machine like any other project code and adhere to proper version control processes.