Push only one Slice/Change to Prismic

Hello! We've recently upgrade our slice machine version (0.7.1) and now i see that the "Push to Prismic" button after saving to File System is no longer available and all changes must be push from the "Changes" section...
The thing is that i only want to push ONE Slice. For example, I have 4 changes (4 Slices) and i only need/want to push to Prismic one of those Slices... Is it posible? I know that since version 0.5.0 you have this "feature" of pushing multiple changes...

You can control your project codebase using git branches. Using git stash allows you to version your content models without pushing changes to your repository.

Hi Pau! Yeap, we already using git. I'll explain my situation a little better:
1- I created a branch from Main Changed 3 slices in slice machine (created 2 new fields), updated the codebase to use those 2 new fields. Pushed those 3 slices to Prismic. Created the PR, waiting for Review.

2- Proceed to a new ticket, again, I created a branch from Main Change 1 slice in slice machine (created 1 field), updated the codebase to use the new field. Now I have 4 changes (the 3 slices from point 1 and one from point 2). I want to Push to Prismic only this last slice (since the other changes/slices showed up as "Modified" because Prismic Repo has the "updated slices" from point 1 and because i'm in a new branch with the "old" codebase for those 3 slices.

Despite using Git/version control and branching... Why did you get rid of Pushing to Prismic Slice by Slice. Don't get me wrong, having the ability to push all at once is good, but also having the option to do it just for a few slices sounds better.

I understand. This product design decision was made with the new version of the Slice Machine, so it works like working on GitHub in the master branch. It's like working directly into production. We are continuously working toward improving the user experience in Slice Machine, which might include modifications to the Changes page. But we don't have any news for the moment.