Automatically push all slices

It would be great to have a function in the command line tool to push all the slices to Prismic.

We participated in the slice contest and build a library and currently the custom_types are generated automatically from the custom_types directory. But for the slices I have to go in to the slice builder and push them individually to Prismic.

I think a function to push all the slices at once would be great addition for people who want to use third party slice library.

Thanks again for all the work you guys are doing. I love the engagement you are having with your users with these Product Meetups!

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Hey Bob, glad to hear you were able to participate in the Slice contest!

We haven't thought about implementing a similar functionality, so what I'm going to do is mark this thread as a feature request.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about why you're interested in having such feature, do you think it'll make the development process even faster?

Hey Bob,

I think this would be a great idea. I've experienced the tediousness of this myself when adding my own library locally.

I brought this up with the team today in our meeting and hopefully we can start working on something like this soon.

If/when we have any updates we'll get back to you here.


Hey @Phil

Great you have experienced the same situation. Looking forward how the slicemachine will evolve. We are waiting patiently.

Thanks again.

Bob Singor

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