Prismic slice machine - Automatic deployment/sync with remote repository using cli

Hi guys, Please can someone tell me how I can deploy/sync slices and content types to my remote prismic repository automatically using the CLI. I have searched everywhere.

I want to able to deploy all changes made locally to prismic at once, for instance, in a CI environment

Hello @harrisonifeanyichukw!

This is possible thanks to Slice Machine. It allows you to create, edit and update your Content Modeling from the local Custom Type builder. Once you have your Custom Types and Slices, you sync them to your filesystem (so you can later version it with git), and push to Prismic (to sync your changes to your Prismic repository).

Let me know if you need help performing these steps.

Hello @pau, it did not answer my question though. But I already found a solution.

Hello @harrisonifeanyichukw

Pau is out of the office today. I am glad that you found the solution. Would you mind sharing your solution here for others too?


Hey Harrison, do you mind sharing the solution? Thank you so much!