Where did the ability to easily build custom types go without installing through a framework?

We have content managers set up prismic repositories.
The options have changed now on what to select when setting them up (none of which apply to us)- now we have to pick a framework.
Now when I create a repository it says I have to activate the custom types in the projects in next.js (we do not use this). I just want to set up a repository the old way and then copy the json into the content types through the web interface. Is this still possible?

Hi David,

This is still available, selecting 'With another framework' is actually the framework-agnostic version with the legacy editor enabled.

You can also enable the legacy builder in the repository settings for any existing repos.


Hi @Phil

Is it possible to do the opposite and hide custom types builder in the CMS?

We have a repro which was created with another framework option, now we use slice machine ui and would like to hide the custom types builder to avoid any one changing these by mistake. The option to do this isn't there in the repository settings.

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Hello @jack, At the moment there is no such option. But I'm going to add a feature request to take it into consideration.


@jack, I've discussed this with the team. We can disable the Legacy editor for you. The only thing you'd need before we do this migration is to make sure you migrate all the "old" Slices and Custom Types to Slice Machine.

Hi @Pau ok great, I did actually try that recently thinking this might allow me to hide the legacy editor but I ran into an issue with the API ID of each field model.

When we created some of these in the legacy builder the API ID allowed ID/keys to be created with underscores e.g. my_field_id, but when I migrate these to slicemachine validation fails as it doesn't allow special characters. This is a breaking change, if I change them to camelCase then data is lost. Is there anyway round this to allow the same ID format in slicemachine?


Unfortunately, it's not possible to use this format in Slice Machine fields today. Migrating from the Legacy editor to Slice Machine isn't a standardized process yet. So as you've discovered, the content will be lost if you replace them.

Ok so that leaves us stuck with the legacy builder as we have a lot of data to migrate.

Yes. I can understand that this might not be practical cause it forces you to not use Slice Machine for previous projects as at the moment the only workaround is to go piece by piece.

We are constantly working to improve this migration process.