Which browsers (and versions) are officially supported?

I understand from this topic that IE11 is not supported by the Prismic Dashboard, but is it supported at the API level? There doesn't seem to be anything in the documentation that explicitly declares which browsers are supported. Even better would be a browerslist-format file that could be used by projects that query the Prismic API from the browser.

Our client intends to support IE11 due to analytics stats, but the Prismic API uses a wildcard in the Access-Control-Allow-Headers header in CORS preflight responses, which is not supported by IE11 and causes CORS to fail. While I resolutely believe that IE11 shouldn't exist anywhere outside of a museum, the more services explicitly discontinue support, the closer we'll get to that end result :slight_smile:

Hey Tom, welcome to the Community. Haha yeah I also think IE should be in a museum already. So, yes, It is true that we do not give or plan to give any more support to IE in the future.

I don't entirely understand your use case, could you give me more details about it.

I'd like to know why you can't exclude this browser from the analytic stats you're planning on doing, also what you mean with 'supported at the API level'?


Hi Paulina - thanks, good to know on IE.

To go into a little more detail - our client is operating their own analytics that indicates to them that ~2% of their visitors are using IE11. Consequently they've decided they want to support IE11, and have asked us to add support.

From our perspective it would have been a lot easier if we could have found a page in Prismic's docs that explicitly states the browsers that are supported, even if it's just a relative list as browserslist supports, for example >2%, last 2 versions (which translates to any browsers used by >2% of the population, and only the 2 most recent versions).

Armed with that information we would have simply told our client that whether IE11 works currently or not, it's not supported and therefore we should simply reject requests from IE11 to our project to preempt things breaking in the future. However the only info we could find was that IE11 wasn't supported for editing, but no info on whether content could be fetched from your API by visitors to our project using IE11.

Without that info we continued under the impression IE11 was supported and assumed the problem was in our own code, and attempted to get IE11 working. We ultimately found that your content API sends messages that IE11 can't understand and causes it to fail security checks and not load content, but this leaves our client under the impression that we should speak to you guys to discuss having IE11 support fixed.

So after all that I'm just asking if browser support could be specified in the docs - it'll save you guys any unnecessary noise from support tickets and would have saved us at least an afternoon of debugging! Apologies for plodding through the entire client interaction - sadly though this a fairly common development story.

Hey Tom,

Paulina is off for few days. Thank you for your detailed response, this makes a lot of sense now.

I think it's a good idea that we document this somewhere. Once we do I'll post the link in this channel.

One good work around, that you probably know, would be if you website was statically generated then there wouldn't be any worries about have to do the queries client side and it would work in IE. Let me know what you think.

Thanks again.

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