Statement of browser support (hopefully not IE11)

I’m sure I know the answer, but does the Prismic content editing experience ‘support’ IE11?

We have a corporate client that would like to use it - I’ve suggested this is not possible, but it would be good if there was a specific statement from Prismic that covered this.


Really, they shouldn’t! - IE is deprecated.

Thanks @marcellothearcane - just to clarify, I don’t want to have IE11 support but was hoping that Prismic had some kind of documentation or statement that says IE11 is not supported :smile:

I’ve edited the topic title to be a bit more explicit.

If it’s any help, I’ve just tried opening my prismic app on IE11, and was presented with a blank page and a few console errors in the dev tools!

So I’d say it is a no.

Hi Thomas,

Sorry about the delay I had to confirm this with the Product team.

The Prismic Dashboard doesn’t support IE11 and we have no plans to add support in the future.