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Inline Embed Code is not working. Inline Embed script code from Wistia does not display our channel or video when we use Rich Text input field pre or code text.

Wistia channel or video ONLY displays when we use Embed field and add the shared url link.

However, for us to do add further customization on our video channel and player. Wistia requires for us to use the inline embed script instead of shared url link.

When we parse the string result using html-react-parser it only outputs either a string or a blank div on page.

Can prismic support script embed?

Any direction or further information if this is supported or not will be helpful. Thanks.

Hello @char.lopez11, thanks for reaching out!

Sorry for my delayed response.

It needs to be a unique Rich Text Field dedicated to this use case, not just any rich text.

You can check out this thread on how it can be done.

Let me know if this works for you.


Thanks @racheal.orukele. I'll give it a try.

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