XenMobile - call never returns

I am trying to call Prismic from an Ipad and Android running XenMobile
but the call to retrieve data hangs.

The first call, to retrieve the token returns ok.
I get metadata and can retrieve the token.

The second call though, fails. It does not seem to return.

There are no debug tools when running XenMobile so I have limited possibility to debug (alert being one of them). That is how I tracked the error down to the second call.

Hello, I'll be happy to help you debug this today; I'll need a little bit more information to understand your use case better:

  • Which technology are you using to query your endpoint?
  • Could you share with us any screenshot of the error logs you're getting? Everything is useful, the alert, an error on the screen, etc.
  • What's the URL of your repository? (you can send me this one via dm if you don't want to post it here)


Update provided by @Selfelected: The technology used for this project is Javascript in a Xenmobile environment. It appears that SNI had to be enabled in XenMobile/web browser.

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