404 and 500 errors in staging as well as publishing

Hey guys,

I'm having as issue with a main page on the site showing a 404 error and then followed by a 500 error when clicked on again.

My team made some changes to the about page on the site, and I think we have somehow broken the link or structure to the page. But, I think I only have editor access, as I am unsure about how to access or even see the navigation and structure in the page builder editor.

Do I access to add/change and edit the site page structure and hierarchy from the navigation or do I need to access this another way?


Hi @marketing20 ,

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There's no need to access the custom types; it just looks like the projects page with the UID our-pictures-story has been unpublished. It's currently only in a saved state. If you publish it again, it will work.


Hi @Phil,

Im still running into a 404 error even when published.


Hey there @Phil,

I've had a few goes to attempt this, and I'm still not getting to work.
Is there any way I can please get access the custom types?


Hi @marketing20 ,

If you're running into 404s, even though you can see the document in the document API:
Visit https://luma-pictures.prismic.io/api/v2 and add this query to see it
[at(my.content-post.uid, "our-pictures-story")]
This suggests the issue is in your web application and not on the Prismic side.

You already have access to the Custom Types from the screenshots you've sent me, but PLEASE BE WARNED, changes here can IRREVOCABLY break your API and you API is working fine. So it would not make sense to make any changes to your Custom Types.

Please contact your web development team to look into this issue. They'll be able to find more information on what this issue is through the build logs of your deployment service.


Hey @Phil,

Thanks for that info.
I am look through the query set that you sent through and seems fine there.
I also agree that it might be through our web application. I'm not sure what change made the issue start happening. Unfortunately, we do not have web dev team atm, and I have been brought back in to try and fix the issue.

How would I get to the build logs of our deployment service?

Also, just for clarity, what I see happening is when I publish I get a 404 error through the staging link, and then when I view the page normally in the URL (not through the staging preview) I get 500 error.

It looks like you're maybe hosted on Heroku. Unfortunately, you would need the developer to give you access.