Ability to duplicate a repo

I think a really useful feature will be the ability to duplicate a repo with all of its content. It'd help with having a template with mock data which can quickly be used to spin out new client projects

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Yes, it seems that it is a nice feature to have, and so I will create a feature request for this, and I have sent it to our production team feature requests queue.


Hi Fares! Our team needs the cloning a repository feature as well. Any development updates? Thanks!

Hello @prismic17, Prismic Environments allow you to clone the entirety of your production repository, copying all Custom Types, documents, and media files.

This feature is included with all Enterprise plans and is available as a paid option on yearly Platinum plans paid via invoice. To enable this feature, please reach out to our Sales team.

@Pau Thanks for the suggestion, but I was talking about a different thing. I meant to clone a repo into a completely new repo (not a different environment).

This will allow starters to be cloned with already existing documents and content inside which will speed up the bootstrap process

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We are currently not looking for additional environments, but a way to copy all the entries from one repo to another so they are identical in both the content model and content entries.

Is this possible either with an api or the import/export tool?

I understand.
You could use the I/E tool, although it has its caveats. Please refer to the documentation to learn all the details about this feature:

So you are saying it's possible for us to import and export content from one repo to another only by this tool but there are just limitations yes?

Is it possible for us to test this via 7-14 day trial to see if this will do what we need?

Yes, that's correct. Because actual repository clones are only available for enterprise plans using environments. I’d just say get in touch with our sales team to evaluate if you’re eligible for a trial.

Hi Pau - just to reiterate, we need to clone a repository to a completely new repo (not to a different environment). We'll meet with Sarah Sarafian tomorrow - hope someone from your technical team could join as well. Thanks!

I understand.
So, it isn't possible to create clones alone. This functionality is reserved for environments.
Please let me or Sarah know if you have any more questions.