Repo Duplication Question

So I have a baseline app written in Vue/Nuxt that I’m deploying to several different servers. I’m using prismic to be able to customize content for each deployment. I’m assuming the best way to do this is having a unique Prismic repo for each deployment, however, I don’t see an option to quickly duplicate my base (default customizations) repo. Is this because I’m on the free version at the moment? I don’t see any information about the import/export feature being behind a paywall, but I do see the functionality in the documentation.

Hey James, welcome to the Prismic forum!!

That is correct. The Prismic Import / Export module is available on Professional plans as well as Environments feature.

This last one being the one that i think suits the best for what you want to do. It allows you to clone the entirety of your production repository to a development environment: copying all of the custom types, documents, and assets. The user-base remains independent, ensuring that only the relevant developers and content editors have access to the development environment.

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I just upgrade to medium, but I dont see this environments feature anywhere. How do I go about finding/setting that up?

Hello, @jhood I am sorry about the mix-up. In fact, Repository cloning is included with all Enterprise plans and is available as a paid option on yearly Platinum plans.

You can reach out to our Sales team for more information. and also have a closer look at all the features that each plan has in our Pricing page.

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