Access to Prismic v2 Upgrade Tool

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get access to the v2 Upgrade Tool?

I am currently working on migrating a Prismic website from the legacy builder to Slice Machine.

Currently my approach has been to create a new Prismic repository, then manually recreate all the slices used on the old repository within Slice Machine. I am hoping that the Upgrade Tool will speed this process up.

I have submitted a request in the typeform a couple days ago to gain access but haven't heard back. The name of the repository that I would like to use this tool on is "bounceinsurance".

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hey @jake1

We are reviewing the first submission on the waiting list this week.
We'll let you know if you're part of the first cohort.

Thanks again for being willing to give it a try and provide feedback.

Hi @renaud

Thank you for your response.

Just following up, do you have any update on when you will be opening the upgrade tool beta to more users?

I have had a client ask if they can upgrade to the new page builder. However, I have found that the current upgrade process of manually migrating the slice schemas and content to be very time consuming, so I am hoping this process will be improved, so I can help my clients migrate to slice machine.

We're still testing this tool with the original cohort at the minute. The team doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle all the requests for now (more than 50); that’s why we’re focusing on the current group, and we are waiting for their feedback to be able to guide others.