Best practices for upgrading legacy Nuxt3 to slice machine

We’ve got a three year old website running Nuxt3/TypeScript and legacy slices, but it’s due for some changes. It’ll involve a few new slices, so I’d prefer to move to slice machine right away.

Considering the upgrade tools are not released: any advice how to approach the migration? Did anybody go through migration and have any tips? It’s important not to brick the production site during development and of course not to loose data.

Considering it’s only about 150 documents (x2 locales), it could be better to create a new repository and copy custom types/slices, but it’ll turn it into a full rebuild. Is there any way to do partial upgrades? How long until migration tools are released (I already signed up for all beta programs)?

Hi @glenn,

You are correct that the upgrade tools are not released as of this reply. We are still working on the feature and will make an announcement when they are available.

In the meantime, you can still use Slice Machine in your existing project. You will not be able to edit your existing slices, but all new slices can be made as a shared slice within Slice Machine and can live alongside your existing "legacy" slices.

If you need to edit your existing slices after using Slice Machine, you should be able to use the legacy types builder in your Prismic repository. If you do so, please remember to update your local JSON file with the updated model's JSON.