Add ­ to title and rich-text


We're currently facing an issue with German content and the soft-breaks. If we activate word-breaks in the frontend, it sometimes does not make any sense at all.

We've already tried to add **­** to the fields, but without any progress at all.

Do you have any idea how to solve soft-hyphens with prismic?

Hey @aleksandar.basara1, Could you give us more details about your use case?
Where do you want to place this character in your text fields?

These characters are read as strings in Prismic's Rich Text fields. It will be necessary to add them differently to your HTML components in the front end.

Hi Pau, we need to add conditional breaks for some word.

How do we have to add them to the frontend?

Yes, or you could create a label called ­ and then read that label in the front-end so you can apply the needed CSS changes to that part of the text.

Here's the document that explains how to use custom labels:

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