After adding new locale to Prismic, added language aren't shown on site


I've a problem with multi-language. In repo settings, I add locale and on SliceMachine I add content for that locale. I made sure that the home page of the third local has id home. Api has responded where new locales are available. But inside the Header component where we map alternative languages, we only get French lang (We can switch between EN and FR, but need to be default locale EN with alternative language FR and AR).

Thanks in advance!

Hi @lakatos.aleksandar79

Welcome to the Prismic community.
To be able to help you answer your inquiry, I would need some information.

  • A code snippet where you handled internationalization
  • Your repository name (you can share it in a private message if necessary )

Also, here is an example project in Next.js that handles internationalization that might help, and you can always refer to the relevant section in our docs.

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi @Fares

When I signed into Prismic I choose the multi-language website starter that Prismic provides. After pulling that project I did the steps I listed in the first message.

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Did you find enough information about this problem?

Hi @lakatos.aleksandar79

I have tried to reproduce the issue, and here is the current result

So it seems that the new locales all work!