Change the default languages id's on url's on next.js

Hello, I am using the next.js + prismic starter: GitHub - prismicio/nextjs-multi-language-site: Multi-language project with Next.js & Prismic

And I am wondering how can I have just "en" or "fr" on the url's, instead of "en-gb" and "fr-fr". I see on the repo these 2 files, where I think the languages slug could be "remapped":

I don't really now how to do it. Can anybody help?

Thank you

Hey Nuno,

What you'll probably need to do here is create an i18n file that you can use to create short pseudonyms for the longer language codes.

I haven't done it myself, but it should be possible.


Hi Nuno,

I've just remembered there's probably the much easier option of using custom locales to achieve this in your repo:


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