All graphql types have changed


Since this morning every types from your graphql endpoint have changed and broke all of our landing.

Is this normal ?

It’s very urgent please because our landing and business is not working currently due to this error :confused:

Thanks !

+1 happened here as well, is there a changelog somewhere?

@sebastien.vassaux @markadsdeild I’m not aware of any changes that have been made. Can you share what has changed for you? It would also be helpful if you could send the url for your Prismic repo.

The problem is not that the endpoint is not working but all of it’s types have changed.

The problems is for example we previously had BlogHeaderConnectionConnection and now it’s BlogHeaderConnection. We have many other examples on a lot of types…

It seems your api has been rollback, can we have an explanation of what happened please?

@sebastien.vassaux @markadsdeild I’ve just been told that the dev team is rolling back a recent change that caused this issue.