Website down, have you made a new change to graphQL API?


Our website is down once more despite having made no changes
Some pages that would usually function now fallback on 404.

Have you made a new change to the graphQL API?
It happened 2 weeks ago and you had to revert that change.

Thanks for answering fast.

To be more precise we have a lot of uid missing when querying documents. Do you know how it can happen? Thanks

Hi SĂ©bastien,

As far as know there weren't any breaking changes/outages on our side and if there was any you can track them in our status page

But to be able to debug this, can you please share with us your repository name (in a private message) so that I will be able to debug this with you?

Also, can you check if you can get any data from Prismic GraphQL browser?

Here is the repo name: When i query allDocuments with GraphQL browser a lot of them are missing. On prismic dashboard everything is ok. Do you have any idea where it come from?

Ok, I will check and let you know.

Ok it seems to be back but could you tell us what happened because it has a lot of impact for our business.

Hello @sebastien.vassaux can you share with us a query that it not working as expected please?

And also can you share some of the missing UIDs to check their history?

Here is the query i made: { _allDocuments(lang: "fr-fr") { edges { node { _meta { uid } } } } }
And here the result I had:

So now it seems that we have only a tiny part of our documents being sent by the graphql api. Could you tell us what's happening please? The rest api is sending me 117 results but the graphql api is sending me only 20 results.

Hello, @sebastien.vassaux first it seems normal to me that you have documents without uid. I can see in your content definition that you're having some custom types (team-member) that do not have any uid set up or restrict your query to only blog-post. You might want to change your code to handle those cases.

For the problem of seeing a small set of documents (20 docs), this is the normal behavior of the GraphQL API. You can see more about pagination here :

Seeing all documents in one query was a regression. We are progressively deploying fixes and your repository had this regression, you're now on a stable version of the API.

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Ok so the problem is we needed this in order to find the right document because your graphql api does not have a function to get a document by uid...
So now we need to go through the entire document with cursor to compensate.
Is there a better way to check if a document exist with graphql?

We found the issue and it was because our access token was on another version of the API :frowning_face: Thanks for your anwsers :wink:

You can query on the uid if you specify a custom type something like
query{ allBlogPosts(uid:"my-uid"){ edges{ node{ title}}}}

Let me know if it doesn't fit your use case.

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