Previews - unpublished document previews not working

Hi there,

Very recently previews for unpublished content have stopped working for us (published content previews are still working perfectly).

I have followed the Troubleshooting previews guide, and have found an issue that I need some additional help with.

When making a GraphQL query, there seems to be an issue with the Prismic-ref token for unpublished content, it returns a HTML document with the following error message:

whoa, didn't see that one coming!

We are not sure what happened, but it looks like a problem on our side.
If it is something that you can repeat, please let us know.
Check our status page for information about the service status and known incidents.
You can always contact us at

Example of the published token: X_ABCBIAACEApYZ- (works)
Example of the unpublished token: X_ABCBIAACEApYZ-:X12tvxABCDE4AbjYz (does not work).

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

Would really appreciate some help on this one please :pray:

If anyone else runs into this issue, the name of the cookie has changed from Prismic-ref to io.prismic.preview.

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Hi Team,

I'm really sorry we never got back to you in time on this one, but I'm glad you figured this out.

Can you tell me exactly where in your project Prismic-ref changed to io.prismic.preview? Because I may need to update the documentation. I was able to use this name in my test below.

Thanks and sorry again for the delay.

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