Changes aren't publishing?

Published changes just like I did multiple times yesterday, but now they don't show up on the website.

All I'm seeing are changes from yesterday coming across the API.

console.log-ing the output and it seems my published changes aren't actually published.

The first time I hit "publish" today it said there was an error and to click publish again, but then it said it was successful.

There is no caching, and nothing has changed since yesterday when it was working.

Yep created new documents, added fields, made multiple changes. Can't access the new documents, existing ones show old content, etc.

This wasn't the case yesterday when I stopped working. Not sure what to try now.

Ah the way Prismic handles preview tokens expiring is not great apparently. It just expires but then serves you stale data even though it claims you're no longer previewing. At least this is how it is with sveltekit and preview on localhost. Removing the expired cookie fixed things, but really when your preview is no longer working.. shouldn't it just.. pull live data?

Hi Xan,

Good to see you :slight_smile:

The preview cookie is generated in your browser and should always be cleared using the 'X' button of the preview toolbar.

So, the issue you were seeing only existed in your browser and no one else's. If preview mode isn't exited correctly, then your browser cookie will try to grab a ref that no longer exists.

A preview cookie expires when the preview data is updated and/or the data has been published.

If you see this again, a good way to test is to open your site in incognito or in another browser.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks. :slight_smile: