Issue with showing live page

Hey there,

I believe I have some cache issues going on for some while already. Whenever I preview a release in production and close it to go back to the ACTUAL live page I only see what is planned in the upcoming release.
This has been happening before but this morning I was not able at all to go back to the actual live page without clearing all browsing data. Besides that, sometimes it happens that a page is shown completely blank so no offers, no product boxes, etc.
What is the problem with this? It’s pretty annoying and deleting all my browsing data makes me constantly retyping in my passwords on every webpage.
Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi Tom,

Welcome to the community!

What’s happening here is that the cookies aren’t being cleared when you exit the preview. The cookies are used to build your preview. This is why clearing your browsing data allows you to see the normal page again.

The solution here is to make sure that you exit the preview correctly by click the ‘X’ button in the preview module, this will clear the cookies in the browser.

What browser and version are you using?