Allow more configurations on `Link` Field

Feature Idea (one per thread):

Can the Link field be more configurable to restrict the kind of links?

It would be highly beneficial to add the following configurations to the Link field to provide a more customizable Link field:

  • Type of link available (Web, Media, Document)
    • There are many cases where I would want to allow Content Managers to link to the web but not media or documents
  • For Document Links, configure what types of documents are available similar to how you can configure a Content Relationship field.

Issue that it solves:

Currently, there is 3 Link styles:

  • Content Relationship
  • Link to Media
  • Link

Link provides you the capability to Link to a piece of Content (i.e. Content Relationship), a Link to Media, or a Link to the Web. There are many cases in which we would want Content Managers to link to the Web without being able to link to Prismic Documents or Media but that is currently not possible. There are also cases in which Content Managers should be able to link to Web, Media, or specific documents, but not any of them.

For example, we have a couple repeatable custom types that are not meant to be "blogs" or "articles" and have their own page, therefore, there does not exist a page template on the front end for that custom type. Unfortunately, we use a Link field elsewhere so that Content Managers can create an external link to the Web, Media, or Document, but we don't want them to be able to link to a Document of a type that does not have a page template.

Screenshot or video of the issue (if applicable):

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Hi @tannerjuby1, thanks for the extensive feedback. It is always helpful for our product and development teams to understand the use cases in detail.

It's true that, at the moment, there is no way to limit the values for the Link field similar to the one that exists with the Content relationship field. I'm going to add your request to the tracker.

For now, one solution is to use placeholders to create descriptive tags that help your editors understand the boundaries of each Link field.