Link field relative

Any thought given to allowing relative links for the link field?


Hey @alexanderfountain can you give me some uses cases for relative link ? Have you tried to link to another document and to resolve the link with the link resolver to redirect to another page ?

I will anyway track this as a feature request but I’m really interested in your use case.

Thanks a lot,

So I created a custom type for my main navigation including label, link, and repeatable label, link fields for sub menu items. Because my blog index page is a custom template not associated with a unique document, but rather renders blog teasers, I don’t have a document to reference for the link. I could use a absolute link to the web, but would lose gatsby Link performance and prefetch capabilities.

What I ended up doing was adding plain text field to my “menu” custom type, and using that if available instead of the link field.

Hey @alexanderfountain, thanks for the explanation. I would still see this as a best practice to create a homepage document in prismic to resolve your link yes but moreover to manage SEO metadata. I don’t think we will work on relative links in the next months to come, but if there is anything new, I’ll let you know.