Prismic Rich Text Field limitations

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Having some issues with Rich Text and wanted to better understand options available.

RT Nested Listing.
Seems only a basic single level OL or UL is supported? Nested listing is a fairly standardised thing so seems strange not to be supported. Made a work around adding tags but it is messy and fiddly for a content editor to support. ( Any better approaches?

RT Linking
Ideally want to add relative links so I can understanding internal and external links and "htmlSerializer" accordingly. With the setup I'm working in, as each page is not defined as a Prismic Type / Document, it means we cannot utilise "Link to document" option. If I add a relative link it seems to prepend http:// to it which isn't helpful. Seems to miss the use case of people not having all pages modelled in Prismic - i'm using Gatsby and an existing site that has a variety of page approaches. Any suggestions there?

RichText 'prismic-reactjs' docs
Finally, import { RichText } from 'prismic-reactjs'
Can't seem to find detailed documentation for this and all the props. For example didn't know "htmlSerializer" existed for a long time and is not documented on this page:
Wonder if there is absolute list for these somewhere.


Hello David,

Thanks for posting to us. These are valuable suggestions to improve our tool, and we already discussed these points in different threads. I am going to share those threads links with you.

About RT nested listing
You may find this thread useful:

RT Linking
We have discussed in this thread:

RichText 'prismic-reactjs' docs
You are absolutely correct about this point. We have been working on our documentation, and we will modify this doc soon. Thanks for pointing this out.

Let me know if you have any other doubt.


Can you confirm what all the available props are on this component pls?

The tagging worked out fiddly but fine for a nested listing solution and for relative linking, I serialised what I needed to there to get around this. Will read the links, thanks.

import {Link, RichText, Date} from 'prismic-reactjs';

It's mentioned here.

Sorry, meant specifically for the RichText component. Just curious as htmlSerializer was omitted so wondered if there were any others that may be useful.

Hello @dave1

Here is the documentation related to HTML-serializer

Here you will need to include these props:
import { RichText, Elements } from 'prismic-reactjs';

Yea got it. Familiar with all this.
Thank you for your support.


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