Any way to get the dashboard doc name as shown in Writing Room?

Is there any way to get the name of a document, as shown in the writing room? We'd like to use the doc name in an internal dashboard that supports our content authors. I understand this is an unusual use case and that this doc name can be changed without publishing the doc-- but if there is any API that would allow us to fetch the current name, that would be great.


Hi Jeremy,

Unfortunately, as you've discovered it is not possible to get the dashboard name of the document through the API. It's also not likely that the team will add this to the API because of the behaviour of changing this name without publishing the documents.

The one workaround would be to include a display name field in your documents, that way if the content writer fills out this display name first it will auto-populate the dashboard display name as well and you can query it through the API.


Thanks, Phil!