Anyone know of a good Prismic consultancy?

Hi everyone! First time poster here, and newbie to the Prismic world. We’re ramping up our Prismic usage heavily and as we bring on some new people to our team, I’d love to get everyone on the same page and armed with the knowledge of Prismic best practices and lessons learned from those with more experience with implementations.

Anyone know of a great teacher that we could contract with for a day or two for what amounts to a Prismic bootcamp?

Thanks so much – looking forward to giving back to this community!

What UI framework / tech stack are you guys working with? :slight_smile:


You mean technical consultancy or in how to use Prismic in content creation ?

For the technical part you have this page , which i am sure will suggest great professionals.


Thanks for the response…We use React / NextJS primarily!

That’s a great question. The two really seem to go hand-in-hand…but i’ll for sure check out the freelancers page from the technical aspect! :100:

I would’ve loved to help you but my experience is primarily with the Gatsby stack. I am not someone with huge experience, but am well versed in this particular solution :slight_smile:

Hey, I had good feedback from users who worked with Thomas Osmonson:
Feel free to contact him, I hope he’ll be able to help :slight_smile: