Anyway to mutate data on stories, repositories using GraphQL?

I have use case where I need to programmatically update or create story in a repository when there is change on a google sheet. I suppose notifying the change may be possible using App Script, but I do not know how to mutate data on the particular story? It seems Prismic GraphQL API only supports queries not mutations?

Is there anyway mutate data on stories, repositories using GraphQL?

Hi @agkaushalyap_prismic

Thanks for reaching out.

Mutation in Prismic GraphQL is now available nor in the REST API; instead (and it is dependent on your use case), have you taken a look at the Integration Fields to feature to push some data?

Please let us know if you would like us to activate the feature for you,

Thats unfortunate there is not write, update option in any of the APIs.

I took a look at integration field before it is simple does not support things like assigning parameter values to Prismic field

Thanks for the help so far!

May I know what kind of information & fields you would like to update in Prismic to understand your business use case to which we might have solutions?

sure, I have some system users that will use Google Sheets (since most are familiar with it), but we need to add rich text, images to records added by Sheets's users, so we need to way to map these two.
Sheet: id, name
CMS: id (need to get from sheet), desc, images

Hi Kaushalya,

Yes, unfortunately, the use case you've described isn't currently supported by Prismic. If this ever changes we'll update you here.