How can I create/update/delete documents via API?

Hi everyone,
Is there any possibility to create, update or delete documents via the REST API? Unfortunately, I didn't find any POST requests in the documentation. The Write API also looks inconvenient in order to implement it into an existing system. As I understand it, integration fields create custom-types, but it does not work with documents.


Hi Myrat,

We currently don't offer an API to create, update or delete documents. We have previously discussed this here:

At the minute we only have a Custom Types API and integration fields. 'Integration fields' is in fact for integrating Product Catalogues from a 3rd party service like Shopify for your content creators to add to a document within Prismic.

We are evaluating each use case as they come so that we can provide the best solution for each one.


Thank you for your answer!

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This is being tracked as an open feature request.

If you have another use-case for this feature, you can 'Flag' this topic to reopen. Please use the :heart: button to show your support for the feature and check out our Feature Request Guidelines.