Write API deleteItems fails to update doc field

So in Integration Fields I'm using a Custom API, have created manually a CRUD corresponding to documentation and everything work as well, however deleteItems does'nt work as expected.

When I post to route deleteItems with [...ids] I have a 200 OK, but if I read the repo document it still contains the deleted item, why? I mean, even if its deleted from catalog it still remains in the field, I don't feel this backup so bad but the real point to delete is to erase and not have another copy entry.

As suggest this "backup" could be like an option in integration field to persist blob value after deleted from catalog.


Hi @itaconect.desenvolve,

Thanks for your comment!

So, to make sure I understand correctly: when you delete an item from your Integration Field, the data persists in your documents?

I believe that is by design. A general principle of Prismic is that a document only changes when you manually edit it. This is to prevent cascades of breaking changes. Currently, the only way to force bulk changes is by exporting, editing, and re-importing your content.

Nonetheless, I understand your suggestion for an Integration Fields option to clear or persist deleted values in documents, and I'll share it with the product team :slight_smile: