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Hi Guys,

I am working on a integration system where we will be integrating our existing system with Prismic for Document creation. So basically when a new item is added to our Database we want to create an equivalent Document in the Prismic.

I didn't find any ways to achieve that via the Integration Field APIs. Could you please assist here?


Hi Team,

We are working on a System Integration project where we want to integrate the Prismic system with our system. We want to create the Documents in prismic on the basis of an event triggered from our system.

So couple of questions here.

  1. Is there a way by which we can invoke an API to create a new Document in our Prismic Repository?
  2. Is there any way to Automate the Import process rather than uploading the Zipped json file/s manually?

You prompt response will be highly appreciated.

Villa Plus

Hi @som,

What you're describing is a document write API and it's not something that we currently offer at Prismic.

It is being tracked as a feature request, but it's not something that we're currently working on. If/when that ever changes we'll update you here.


Thanks @Phil for the prompt response. Does this mean, we can't do the import operation automatically as well?


Yes, the import option isn't meant to be used for this use case.

Ok. Gotcha. Is there any timeline for the Document Write API?

There's no timeline for this at the moment.

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